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Parenting without a village; a look at raising a family away from home.

They say “it takes a village to raise a child”. This ancient African proverb stems from the ideal of a child being raised by a large extended family and community. It advocates the importance of the involvement of many different people in a child’s upbringing. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends working together to […]

Rainy day activities for toddlers, 4 inexpensive and effective things to do.

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You know “those” winter days, it’s raining (or snowing) cold and miserable. You’re stuck indoors with your incessantly active toddlers/s. They’ve played with all of their toys, read every book they own and destroyed your house. They’ve scribbled briefly in their colouring books, and are now deafening you with their whines of boredom. I see […]

C-sections; an honest look and why they are definitely NOT the easy way out…pun not intended!

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Frustratingly there is still a stigma and even certain level of judgement within our society attached to having a caesarean section (C-section.) It is still sometimes viewed as the “easy way out”, although perhaps less so than in the past. It has even been glamorised by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. The coining of the phrase […]

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